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Review of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

About InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is an American-based web host provider that has been providing service since 2001. They have a customer base of more than 570,000. One of the most underrated web hosts, they are not as popular as Hostinger or SiteGround or HostGator. Just because it is not marketed heavily in any advertisement channel or social media does not mean it’s not good.

Today InMotion Hosting is one the most reliable web host company in the market. They are definitely a top contender like its popular competitors.

Your experience in using InMotion can be very enjoyable as it provides plenty of features. So let’s take a look.

The pros of InMotion Hosting:

Affordable pricing-

Shared hosting remains the most popular type of web hosting for InMotion out of the many hosting that it offers. The Core Plan is the cheapest among all. Its pricing is similar just like its competitors DreamHost or BlueHost. The core plan starts at $2.29/month if signed for 3 years which is affordable.

Uptime Guarantee-

For web hosting uptime is a very important factor. Your site will get negative reviews if people visit your site and it is down. Luckily uptime of InMotion’s is good with average uptime is 99.98%. The speed to load your page is very impressive. So it is a reliable host without you having to worry about your site going down for a long period of time.

Good Customer Support-

Another important element of a good web host is customer support. InMotion’s support staff will always be there to help you out with any questions, problems or any sort of assistance. 24/7 support through phone, email, and Online chat is offered by InMotion. Waiting time in live chat is very minimal and the support agent will reply to you within a few seconds.

They also provide online tutorials and a community forum with a vast knowledge base if you like to learn to own your own.

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90 days Money back guarantee

Most of the web host services typically offer 30 days money refund policies but this is not applicable for InMotion.

InMotion provides 90 days money-back guarantee to try out their services which is the 2nd best after DreamHost which provides 97 days money refund.

Easy to use-

InMotion is very to use. To make the user experience trouble-free, InMotion uses a combination of native Account Management Panel (AMP) and cPanel.

Nevertheless, both control panels are systemized and easy to use. Something to be noted is that even if they look similar they are actually not the same.


A free SSL certificate is provided by InMotion just like other web hosting providers. It is essential as its purpose is that all visitor-server communication is encrypted so that sensitive data can never be accessed by any third party. It also provides your website that a security lock by the domain name.

Hack and malware protection, ModSecurity and DDoS protection are also included in security. For small to medium websites, these are actually more than enough as it covers all basic security.

Free site transfer-

Free site transfer from your current host is offered by InMotion Hosting. Things that come with free transfer:

  • Transfer of full cPanel or up to three websites (up to 10 GB)
  • Emails, FTP and domains setup and more.

Free Domain-

With all of their shared hosting plan, InMotion Hosting provides a free domain for a year except for the Core plan. For the Core plan, you have to purchase a separate domain for $15.99/year.

E-commerce support

Their active partnership between Prestashop and other leading e-commerce services like SiteGround makes them one of the few web hosts in the industry.

Your e-commerce experience becomes better as they provide easy incorporation with payment processors which otherwise is quite annoying.

Premium site builder (BoldGrid) included-

Unlike other site builders, you have complete ownership of the website that you have built using their system and that is the best part of using BoldGrid.

Their drag-and-drop editor is so easy to use that even people with zero experience can build their WordPress site within an hour.

BoldGrid is free with shared business plans of InMotion’s Hosting otherwise it cost $60/year.

Besides providing good uptime, fast loading speed and good customer service, there with always be a few downfalls.

The cons of InMotion:

Price low only for 3-year plan and Renewal price higher –

Although their pricing is on par with their competitors this is only low if you sign up for three years. The price is up with shorter-term plans:

$2.29/mo for one year (renewal at $8.99/month)

$2.79/mo for two years (renewal at $9.49/month)

$3.29/mo for a year (renewal at $9.99/month)

It’s a common practice practiced by many web hosts to keep the initial price low and renewal price high.

No monthly billing

InMotion has no monthly billing for its shared hosting except for its Pro plan. Core, Launch and Power Plan all need to be signed up either for 3-year, 2-year or 1-year terms.

Server location only in the US-

Their servers are located only in Washington and Los Angeles in the USA. So audiences coming outside of North America may face issues with speed.

Additional charge for website backups –

Automatic backup even though available is not for free. To backup your site, InMotion will charge $24 per year applicable for the first 10 GB. After that $12 per year for an additional 10 GB. So this is an additional cost that you have to bear and keep in mind if you want your site to be backed up and keep it secure from any bug or malfunction.

Overall rating

They are one of the best web hosting providers in the market with their speed, uptime, and customer support is all impressive. With their shared hosting plans, they offer a lot of useful features that is beneficial for new bloggers and businesses.

Whereas their renewal prices are high and their cheapest plan is limited with storage, website email account and domain are its biggest disadvantage. But there is no harm in trying. You will get as much as 90 days to try it out and see for yourself if it’s for you.

Do we recommend InMotion Hosting?

Yes. It’s a great option if you’re looking for straightforward classic web hosting. Our top pick for choosing InMotion is due to its ease of use, speed, and high reliability. Even if you have limited website development experience it’s no big deal. The inbuilt BoldGrid website builder will be your saving grace. Therefore, it is ideal for hosting small-to-medium business websites

Is there any alternative to InMotion Hosting?

Yes. Hostinger, DreamHost, and BlueHost are all great options if you are looking for alternatives. Hostinger is ever cheaper than InMotion and it provides outstanding performance and reliability.

How many Email accounts will I get with InMotion Hosting?

With the core plan it only 10 email addresses whereas with all other shared business plans its unlimited email addresses.

Is all form of payment accepted by InMotion Hosting?

Multiple forms of payment are accepted like Visa, MasterCard, Paypal American Express and Discover. They also accept money orders and checks.

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