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7 Tips For Web Hosting-Need To Know Before Paying

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An excellent hosting company can make all the difference for your website.

It’s tough to choose between all the hosting providers these days, especially as we are constantly bombarded with offers and promotions they have.

Keep in mind that getting a good web hosting account can be a difficult task to undertake. That’s why we’ve prepared this article so you’ll know what to look for when shopping around.

Here are some guides that will help you make a wiser choice when it comes to purchasing your web hosting account.

7 Tips For Web Hosting

1. The “Free Domain” Gimmick

I believe a lot of people get caught up and go for the free offers without really considering their drawbacks. A new domain may sound nice but take note of the potential drawbacks below:

  1. Currently, the company that owns the domain is in charge. You either need to never terminate your contract with that company or pay a high price for purchase.
  2. What’s your plan to renew in the future? The first year of registration is free, but you will have to pay $19.95+ when you come to register for a renewal.

You can save a lot of time & effort during the research phase if you ask questions about who owns the domain, and also make sure that the standard renewal fees are within your budget.

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2. Separate Domain and Hosting

Domain names don’t have to be registered with your hosting company. We’re not saying you should leave your current web host, but registering a domain name where you can count on them can save you the trouble of transferring it later down the road.

It’s worth mentioning that the domain name is your online identity – the most expensive and irreplaceable part of hosting services. The difference between domain names & hosting services is that domain names provide a more personal touch to a company or organization.

There are many explanations for why web hosting companies want you to register your domain with them. One reason is for convenience’s sake. Perhaps a more lucrative revenue stream for them.

However, the web hosting company can be less of a headache if you host your domain on it rather than doing that yourself.

3. Read That Bandwidth and Disk space Terms

When looking for a shared web hosting service, one important factor to consider is the amount of bandwidth and disk space available. If your site becomes ‘super’ popular overnight, will this service still be adequate?

Most websites don’t run out of bandwidth just from traffic alone. However, if you add downloadable files, they can use up all your bandwidth much quicker.

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4. Buy & Save with Commission Rebates or Coupons

When considering a hosting service, remember that these companies are ready to pay the price of 12 months of revenue for one customer. So they’ll appreciate any commission rebates or coupons you can find.

Many hosts on the Airbnb platform are not affiliated with a coupon program, but they will still provide you with stellar service and an excellent experience.

5. Do Your Own Backup

There are a lot of good reasons to back up your files whenever they come into contact with a host. I think the main reason to be worried is if you’re the only one who knows how to do backups. If that’s the case, rely on yourself or back them up off-site at least every once in a while too.

6. Use a One-Time Credit Card or PayPal

Normally it’s pretty easy to use American dollars to make your purchases overseas, but if you don’t have any on hand and can’t find a nearby ATM, try using PayPal instead. It may be difficult to get it set up for a single transaction since there are so many currencies available, but then again so is getting your local bank to convert

If you have no choice but to use your Credit Card, make sure the company is reputable to avoid ending up on a bumpy ride.

7. Avoid Long-Term Contracts Unless You Trust them

We’ve seen how companies are offering us a fantastic discount by paying two years upfront. However, if the web host has a bad reputation, you should think twice before committing.

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